The Role of Digital Tech (Computers) Throughout my Life

Growing up being the first child in my family of five (Including my parents), I never really had access to any digital technology outside of a microwave and TV. I was given my first mobile phone around year 5 of Primary School and only used it for making phone calls to a few close friends or my parents. During my final year of Primary School, I began playing some of my first mobile games (Fruit Ninja and Ninja Jump to name a few) to help pass time and compete with my friends, that was until I was introduced to the world of PC gaming once leaving for High School.

Originally the reason I began to play was because I thought it a way for me to keep in touch with many of my close friends after leaving Primary School, but I soon realised it was something I was really beginning to enjoy. After each day of school, I’d end up in the same place, playing the same game, with all the same people and I’d soon find myself buying a $15 plastic headset sold in a Two Dollar Store at the local shopping village just so I could talk with my mates through Skype each and every time we played. My dad, like many others, hated me playing so much and so often, later imposed a restriction which allowed me to only play during weekends and holidays. Of course I followed these restrictions but only when he was home, else you’d know where to find me, holed up and having a blast with my mates because my mum didn’t really see the problem in me playing.

In the years to come, I made new friends who also shared my fondness for PC gaming and for the next few years, without fail, you’d find us night after night enjoying ourselves as we all gamed to our heart’s content.

During my 10th year of schooling, I was finally able to upgrade computers and leave behind the stone age machine that could barely be passed as technology as it began to struggle to run even the most simplest of games and Windows Applications. I didn’t get anything mind-blowing, but considering the changeover from the old contraption, I was able to enjoy gaming on an entirely different level.

My final years of High School were a blur with nothing overly interesting happening but, without a doubt, even tho HSC was around the corner you’d find us all in the same place doing the same thing day in and day out. Till this day, I continue to follow the same schedule with the same people and looking back I don’t regret one day, being able to have something in common with millions of other people, gaming to me was an escape. It was something I could do with my friends at any time, we all enjoyed it and continue to do so.

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